Improve your residents satisfaction and differentiate your property by offering WiFi

  • According to J Turner Research, residents rate high quality WiFi service as one of the top amenities they look for in a property.
  • However, managers and residents are frustrated with the high costs and spotty coverage of most solutions.
  • Give your residents outstanding WiFi that s easy to use – and works.


Reliable, secure and easy to manage = no new management headaches

  • Green WIFI eliminates downtime and user complaints, so you can focus on managing your property, not your wireless.
  • Our self-configuring systems allow you to deploy in days, not months.
  • Our system is completely redundant and self-healing; if one repeater fails others increase output to compensate, ensuring the network remains up.


Incredibly affordable

  • Our superior technology also enables WiFi coverage at a fraction of what our competitors charge.
  • Offer it as an amenity, or enable residents to pay for the service by the hour, day, week, or month: both solutions allow additional revenue generation for your property.
  • Our solutions are affordable and can meet your budget, swap out your existing, less reliable network, for one that’s easier and less costly to manage.


For more information about our Residential Wifi services please contact us or call us today at (888)538-0465.