Along with wireless internet access, our networks provide many other features to enable you to control your property and take full advantage of the great amenity you’re providing your residents.

Greater Property Security and Awareness

We can provide internet  WiFi enabled front door cameras for our clients. The front door camera is connected to an offsite, cloud hosted digital recorder which keeps track of all motion that that occurs.

Community Splash Page

Upon sign-in, residents are greeted with a fully branded community splash page. This splash page can provide weather, property announcements, maintenance requests and much more! Additionally, its integration with your network connected front door camera allows you to offer a sense of security and awareness typically reserved only for the most modern properties.

Advanced Network Monitoring

In addition to 24/7 LIVE technical support, monitoring, and maintenance our advanced network monitoring systems allow your residents to call into an automated network status line to get up-to-date system status information within seconds.

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