It has never been simpler to improve your residents’ satisfaction and differentiate your property by offering great WiFi. GreenWiFi offers a turnkey solution to accomplish this task, and thanks to advanced wireless technologies the day of intrusive cabling, unsightly devices and constant maintenance are all a thing of the past.

How about the cost?

Most of our customers spend several times less on internet than with their prior Cable or DSL providers when using our service. Like anything else in life, when you buy more of an item it costs less. Essentially, this is what we are accomplishing – we are able to lower your internet costs and provide higher level support and reliability by your entire community committing to the use of our wireless network.

I have too many things to do with already, isn’t this going to be a pain to deal with?

Absolutely not! GreenWiFi takes care of everything from start to finish. We plan and complete the entire installation ourselves, coordinate with your property managers, and provide 24/7 support direct to your tenants – it is an absolutely turnkey service.

Is the network still reliable and fast?

Yes. Because we are providing internet to so many tenants in one location we are able to take advantage of larger internet connections with a level of speed and reliability typically reserved for large offices and Fortune-level corporations. In most cases the reliability and capability of our network far exceeds what you would be able to provide running your own internet connection in your unit.

How long does it take for you to install your network in our property?

Typically we can be completely installed within two or three weeks of initial commitment, with physical installation taking only 2-3 days on site.

But isn’t installation going to be intrusive and unsightly?

No, wireless technology has advanced greatly since it’s advent and now equipment is lower profile than ever before. Additionally, our access points are nondescript and designed to blend in with even the most discerning decor.

For more information about GreenWifi and how we can help you please contact us or call us today at (888)538-0465.